November Student Spotlight

Kelly Pakar is a junior at White Pass High School, she is actively involved in the community and her school. She plays volleyball, is FFA president, and junior class secretary. Kelly is a member of the Lewis County Search and Rescue Posse. Kelly and her horse Willow spring into action when duty calls. If someone is missing, injured, or in need of help Kelly and the other Search and Rescue are called in to assist. Kelly and mom, Jessi Pakar use their knowledge of the area and horse skills to help those in need. This summer they responded to three separate incidents all ending with success. Kelly said her most satisfying rescue was up Snowgrass Trail because of the view and knowing the people got out safely. Kelly said, “I joined search and rescue so I could help others when they’re in need by using what I love doing, trail riding on Willow.” 

Photo by Mountain Viewer Photography