Joe Kiehn


Dear T-Wolf Family:

With deep sadness, I regret to inform you of the sudden death of one of our staff members, Mr. Joe Kiehn. Joe was a Student Assistance Professional with True North Treatment Service. Joe worked with students from both Morton and White Pass. 

All of us at White Pass School District extends our deepest sympathy to the Kiehn family and friends.

Joe was a beloved, no-nonsense, say-it-like-it-is student advocate. He loved working with his students and being their guide. Because of his dedication and absolute resolve to his calling, Joe helped students discover and manage their harmful behaviors and addictions. He helped them explore and maintain their treatment while mentoring their academic growth. He helped his students experience success in overcoming their challenges. Joe also conducted group counseling sessions, assisted with school functions, and supervised a Prevention Club. Joe

will be missed by friends, colleagues, and students alike. The learning communities of Morton and White Pass will not be the same. His light burned bright for the Wolfpack. 

Grief counseling will be available for staff and students on Wednesday, December 16th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at White Pass High School. Counseling will also be available in the upcoming days as needed.
Because of our close school community, this death touches everyone at our school. When an adult close to a child dies, children react in many different ways. Please watch your children and be alert to any changes
such as:
• Physical- any changes in sleep patterns or eating habits;
• Emotional- any changes such as unusual fears, anger, worry, or clinging behaviors toward parents;
• Social- loss of interest in usual activities.
Open communication between parents and children is essential. Give reassurance and try to understand your child’s feelings. If you think your child is having a challenging time dealing with this situation, please contact the school at 360-497-5816, and we will provide additional assistance as needed.

Mr. Schumaker
White Pass HS Principal