Contact: Mrs. Ann Lindh (360) 497-5816 ext. 3006

Welcome to the White Pass Jr./Sr High School Library


  • The library is open during school hours.

  • Remember why you're here and use your time wisely.

  • You are allowed to check out one (1) book at a time time. Please return it promptly and in good condition. You will be held monetarily responsible for lost or damaged materials. You may check out books for 21 days. Reference material is non-circulating and must be used in the library. If material is late or lost, your loaning privileges will be suspended until it is paid for or returned. Books can be renewed but will not be renewed without the book in hand once they have been posted to the fine list. Your library fine will follow you through graduation.

  • Internet privileges and computer use should not be abused. Please abide by the Acceptable Use Policy (no chat rooms, games or inappropriate sites). Violations will result in loss of computer privileges in the library.

  • You may print school-related work only. Check with librarian prior to printing multiple pages.

  • Students are not allowed to bring food or drink into the library.

  • Help us keep the library clean. Please pick up after yourself! If you move something put it back where you got it.

  • Any inappropriate behavior or activity will result in students being sent back to class.

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