Reopening Plan – White Pass School District  
Responses to OSPI Washington Schools 2020 Reopening Plan Template 
1. Provide the name of LEA: White Pass School District 
2. Address of the LEA PO Box 188, Randle, WA 98377 
3. Planned school reopening date: 09/01/2020 
4. Planned last day of the 2020–21 school year date: 06/17/2021 
5. Our district has identified our primary local health officer(s). Yes 
6. Please list the name(s) of your primary local health officer(s): Dr. Rachel Wood 
7. Our district has identified a primary district-level point of contact for our reopening effort. Yes 
8. Please list the name and contact information of your primary district-level point of contact: Paul Farris 
9. We have reviewed the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) definition of high-risk employees and we have clearly communicated with staff their opportunity to identify themselves as highrisk. Yes 
10. We are engaging self-identified high-risk employees to address accommodations consistent with L&I requirements and the Governor's proclamation about high-risk employees. 
11. We have reviewed our drop-off and pick-up plans to provide proper physical distancing and minimal opportunities for parents and other adults, who are not staff, to enter our buildings. Yes 
12. We have a daily health screening plan in place for students and staff. Yes 
13. Please identify which health screening protocol best fits your school district planning. Our plan is to rely on attestations, but to screen staff who do not provide an attestation that a screen was done at home before school and students who do not provide an attestation that a screening was conducted by a parent, guardian, or caregiver before school. 
14. We have altered our indoor classroom and common spaces and reconfigured our processes to ensure six feet of physical distance between all persons in our school facilities as a planning framework. Yes 
15. We are using additional common spaces to ensure six feet of physical distance between all persons in our school facilities as a planning framework. Yes 
16. We are using additional community-based spaces outside of our school facilities to ensure six feet of physical distance between all persons in our school facilities as a planning framework. Yes 
17. We understand that this is a planning framework and there will be limited times when students and/or staff may need to be within six feet for short periods of time. Yes 
18. We understand there are limited exceptions to the six-foot rule, but we will accommodate students with disabilities or others who meet the exceptions in order to deliver equitable services, which may include providing additional personal protective equipment (PPE) to staff and/or the student. Yes 
19. We have altered physical spaces, reconfigured schedules, and adopted necessary plans to provide meals to students that ensures six feet of physical distance between all persons as a planning framework. Yes 
20. We have established clear expectations and procedures to ensure frequent hand washing in all of our facilities for students and staff. Yes 
21. We have established clear expectations with students, staff, and families that all persons in our facilities will be wearing face coverings consistent with DOH and L&I requirements, including any of the 
narrow exceptions identified by DOH and L&I guidance. Yes 
22. We have an adequate supply of face coverings on our premises to accommodate students who arrive at school without a face covering. Yes 
23. We will provide adequate face coverings and other PPE requirements to protect all staff in each building and/or worksite consistent with the law and L&I guidance. Yes 
24. We have developed busing plans to maximize physical distancing on our buses as much as possible on a given bus route. Yes 
25. We recognize that busing is an exception to the six-foot rule, as long as we exercise proper cleaning, maximum ventilation when reasonable, face coverings on students and adults, and proper PPE for our drivers. Yes 
26. We have developed a cleaning regimen in our facilities and buses consistent with DOH guidance and the Infection Control Handbook 2010. Yes 
27. We have clearly established procedures, in coordination with our local health authority, to report any suspected or known cases of COVID-19. Yes 
28. We understand that contract tracing and any other procedures to identify additional COVID-19 cases are to be conducted and led by the local health authority, the Washington State Department of Health, or a designee at the direction of the public health authority. Yes 
29. We have established a school calendar to accommodate 180 instructional days and required instructional hours assuming all of the guided learning planned by and under the direction of the certificated teacher counts (in-person face-to-face, distance learning on screen with a teacher, independent learning assigned and evaluated by a teacher, and any other directed learning) subject to the State Board of Education requirements outlined in WAC 180-16-200. Yes 
30. We have created a flexible calendar with additional days that may be needed to address short-term school closure in the event that our facilities are not accessible as directed by a public health authority or the Governor, and for which we were not able to make an immediate transition to Continuous Learning 2.0. No 
31. Please upload a copy of your school calendar. 

32. In order to accommodate the instructional hours requirements, please describe your typical weekly schedule for students and professional collaboration. Include any reasonable options to maximize cohorts of students to reduce the risk of possible virus transmissions. 
At this time, it is our school district will be utilizing remote learning in the delivery of instruction. A schedule has been developed at both the elementary school and at the Jr/Sr High. When we phase into a hybrid model it is the intent for our students who are in grades K - 3 would all attend every day and would be split into two different groups in two different classrooms.  
Grades 4, 5, and 6 students would be split into two groups. Group A would attend Monday and Tuesday and Group B would attend school Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays would be utilized for tutoring, connecting with kids individually, and professional development.  
Students who are in grades 7 and 9 will be split into two groups. An A group and a B group. Students in Group A would attend school Monday and Tuesday and students who are in group B would attend school Thursday and Friday once we moved into a phased reopening. Currently, students will be taught remotely. It is our intent for students who are in special education to be able to bring these students to be taught in pods of 5 on specific days during the week.  
Students who are in grades 9 - 12 will begin the year remotely. Once we move into a phase in which students will be returning to school we will reopen in that phase by splitting the students into two groups. Group A and Group B. Group A would attend school on Monday and Tuesday. Group B would attend school on Thursday and Friday. Wednesdays will be used for office hours, tutoring, staff meetings and professional development. 
33. We have a plan to take daily attendance for all students, regardless of our teaching modality, as well as a tiered approach to supporting students not participating and aligned to the OSPI attendance rules. Yes 
34. We have a clear plan for ongoing communication with students and families, and we have provided a means by which all students will be required to check in daily even on days when the student is not physically present at school. Yes 
35. We have identified learning standards across grade levels and/or content areas to ensure instructional time and professional learning are effectively tied to our reopening plan. Yes 
36. We have determined our 2020–21 grading policies. Yes 

37. We have reviewed our grading practices, learned from decision-making this spring, and established the following grading system: 
Elementary - Students will be graded by using either a 4, 3, 2 or a 1 
Grades 7 & 8 Students will be graded A - F, I, P/F 
Grades 9 – 12 Students will be graded A - F, I, P/F 
38. Our district has a specific plan to support students who received "incompletes" in the spring of 2020. Yes 
39. Please briefly describe that plan: Students will be able to make up the incomplete over the next three years. 
40. Our district developed summer learning and services opportunities for students who needed additional support to be ready for success this fall. Yes 
41. What percentage of your students did you provide services to? 4 
42. Please briefly describe the learning and service opportunities you provided, including any programs or targeted supports: Many of our high school students needed to make up course work that they had not completed, or needed to complete in order to improve their grades. Therefore, the building administrator and a building teacher helped the students be successful in order for the to graduate. 
43. Please briefly describe your process for prioritizing your students furthest from educational justice: We will be looking at all of our students in order to provide support to them. 
44. We have a plan to perform a universal screening of each student when they return to school to better understand their strengths, learning needs, and social-emotional needs. Yes 
45. Please briefly describe the efforts you are engaging in with respect to screening students when they return to school in the fall. 
We plan to have our mental health counselor develop a survey tool that we will be able to administer to our students in order to collect information on their social and emotional well-being. 
46. Our district has developed a family and community engagement process that includes strategies to reach non-English speaking families to inform our reopening plan. Yes. We will utilize ESD 113 to provide interpreters or to translate documents in order to engage these 
47. Please briefly describe your engagement strategy and the organizations or individuals who took part in your planning effort: Building administrators, input from staff, as well as reviewing survey data. 
48. Our district has invested in additional accessible technology, hardware, or connectivity for students and educators as we have prepared for fall reopening. Yes 
49. Please identify the percentage of students that you believe have adequate technology and connectivity to learn remotely during the 2020–21 school year. 71 – 80% 
50. Please briefly describe your strategy to accommodate students during the 2020–21 school year who do not have adequate technology or connectivity to effectively learn remotely: 
We have identified a number of facilities in the three communities that students would be able to obtain wifi access. We are also planning on providing hot spots to students who have cellular service. In addition we will be providing information, lessons and opportunities for independent practice in packets and thumb drives. 
51. Our district has provided professional learning for our educators to prepare them for effective instruction during the 2020–21 school year. Yes 
52. Please briefly describe the professional learning provided or facilitated by the district: 
Any professional development opportunity that a staff member asked to attend was funded by the district. In addition, we made available to half of the staff in the Jr/Sr as well as the elementary to take a course from the ESD 113 on how to utilize technology in the classroom. Prior to the start of school, we will be providing two short training's on Covid-19. Additional training will be offered during the school year. 
53. Please briefly describe the professional learning the district will provide or facilitate to prepare staff for effective instruction during the 2020–21 school year: 
The district will continue to provide professional learning opportunities for the staff. This will be potentially by outside consultants that we will be using in the areas of math and MTSS, as well as staff led professional development. Staff will also be able to access professional development from ESD 113. 
54. Our district has selected a primary learning management system for consistent use with students across the district during the 2020–21 school year. Yes 
55. Please select or write-in the primary learning management system the district is using with students: Google Classroom,Seesaw