Cispus Needs Our Help

With your help, Cispus Learning Center has changed the lives of hundreds of thousands of students across Washington.

They’ve come to breathe the fresh mountain air, and have learned stewardship, teamwork, and responsibility along the way. But they’ve left with something even more valuable — the hope and promise of a brighter future.

None of this would be possible without YOU.

Today we’re launching our holiday giving campaign.

2020 has been a difficult year for everybody, and Cispus Learning Center is no exception. The pandemic has hit us particularly hard. With the loss of nearly all our annual revenue, we only have a few short months before we may have to close our doors for good.

But your generous support could help us get through this temporary crisis. We’re trying to raise $30,000 by year-end so we can have more time to get back into the business of serving our schools, once they are able to return to Cispus.

Cispus has been faithfully serving Washington students since the 1960’s. These students rely on our unique outdoor education and leadership development services. Perhaps you’ve been to Cispus yourself, or have seen firsthand how the Cispus experience changed the life of a student.

Will you act now to make sure we can continue to serve these students for generations to come?


With gratitude, Chase, Greg & Scott at Cispus

Chase Buffington, Cispus Director Greg Barker, Director of Association of Washington Student Leaders Dr. Scott Seaman, Executive Director of Association of Washington School Principals