HS Play

Come and support White Pass HS Drama. 

Friday, November 19, 2021, at 5 pm at the Roxy in Morton.

Admission is free, but donations for the Roxy roofing project are greatly appreciated. 

Don't miss this great production.

20 members of the WPHS Theater Arts class, and a few student volunteers, present "No Body To Murder," a comedy with zany characters that follow the mysterious murder of aerobics instructor Billie Body during a storm and a power outage. Inspector Black, is on the scene in search of the escaped convict. He has his job cut out for him. Billie has been struck from behind and stuffed in the window seat. Who-done-it? Garth, the axe-wielding gardner? The cook, who can’t cook? The Doctors who want her endorsement in their body-building serum? Bernard the bad mime who is desperately in love with her?  Join us 5:00 -Friday, November 19th, at The Roxy Theater in Morton, and find out who could do such a thing! Thank you to the Roxy board for letting us perform, There will be a donation box for the Reroof the Roxy project.