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Mr. Joseph Fenbert
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District 2, Assistant Board Chair

Term: 2015-2019
Board Member Since: 2011

I hope when you look at our White Pass School Board, you feel like you can immediately identify with someone with similar life experiences and ties to the community. I believe I represent the "new comers" to the area and those involved in education and youth development programs. I am a certified teacher with 8 years of classroom experience in public schools, 3 years of experience in overseas schools in Venezuela and Honduras and 20 years of experience at my current job as a Student Program Director at the Cispus Learning Center. My wife Roanne teaches 3rd grade at the elementary school and both our sons are proud White Pass Panthers and MWP Timberwolves alumni (Bradley: 2011, Jeffery: 2013). As the Legislative Representative on the Board, my goal is to advocate for the full funding of education. Currently, the State provides about 75-80% of the money needed to fully fund our staff and provide for transportation and supplies. My other three main goals as a Board member are to listen to the community, provide sound fiscal guidance and support our teachers, administrators and support staff as they attempt to do the complex work of meeting every child's social and academic needs. 

Joe Fenbert

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